Become a Better BS (Bad Science) Detector!

Valentin Villatoro, MEd, BSc (MLS), MLT; Amanda VanSpronsen, MSc, BSc (MLS), MLT | September 20, 2018 |

Ever wonder about how the anti-vaxxers got started?  Has the credibility of science suffered in the age of “fake news”?  Scientific research is in crisis.  Researchers are pressured to publish, or perish.  Predatory journals will publish anything.  The media sensationalize stories in order to boost traffic and sales.  How do we cut through the BS (Bad Science) in order to see the real picture?  Participants will learn about several types of bias that many studies are prone to, in order to become a more savvy, critical consumer of scientific information.  This skill is essential as health professionals and as members of the general public.

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