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What does Choosing Wisely have to do with medical laboratory professionals?

Amanda VanSpronsen, MSc, BSc (MLS), MLT; Valentin Villatoro, MEd, BSc (MLS), MLT; Elijah Chan, BSc(MLS), MLT; Laura Zychla

Educator Ignite: Giving and receiving effective feedback, encouraging critical thinking, and reduced clinical placement pilot

Valentin Villatoro, MEd, BSc (MLS), MLT and Amanda VanSpronsen, MSc, BSc (MLS), MLT; Kalwinder Randhawa, MLT, MEd and Heather McMullen, MLT, BScMLS, Med; Peter J. Bridge, PhD, FCCMG, FACMG

Human-Resource Framework for Top Talent Management

Kris Bailey, MLT, BA, Executive MBA, PMP, ICD.D

Become a Better BS (Bad Science) Detector!

Valentin Villatoro, MEd, BSc (MLS), MLT; Amanda VanSpronsen, MSc, BSc (MLS), MLT

Chicken & Floor Wax: The Secret to Employee Engagement

Christine Bruce, BHA, MLT, CLQM, LSSBB

Safety Leadership in Action Webinar

Eoin O'Grady , PhD CRSP

Accountable Leadership

Renee Giroux, MLT, GB LSS

Lean Six Sigma in the Phlebotomy Lab – A Learned Experience


Lab Testing in Naturopathic Practice

Dr Joe Klassen, ND, B.Comm

Review several laboratory tests commonly used in alternative medicine and discuss how food sensitivity testing is used in clinical settings and limitations on how that information can be used. An explanation of sensitivity, intolerance and allergy is provided. There will also be a discussion of various hormone assessments, such as urine and saliva, and how these results are used in comparison with serum testing. A brief summary of methods and laboratory accreditation is included.

Cracking the Code: A Journey through Genetics

Amanda Cocca, MLT and Anna Haasen, MLT

Explore the fundamentals of molecular genetics including the structure of DNA and RNA. Learn about mitosis and meiosis (including disorders that may occur due to an error during these processes) as well as different types of genetic variation and modes of inheritance.

Informal Leadership for MLTs: Leading from where you are Webinar

Jennifer O'Leary, BSc, MA, MLT

Often, there is the assumption that those in positions of formal power, those big "L" Leaders or managers, are the only ones who influence change. We underestimate the power of informal leaders on individuals, in teams and to organizations. Learn about the characteristics of effective leaders and discover opportunities where you can have influence through cultivating and applying your leadership skills.

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